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Lori and Steve's wedding.2023.6Lori and Steve's wedding.2023.8Lori and Steve's wedding.2023.2Lori and Steve's wedding.2023.3Lori and Steve's wedding.2023.4Lori and Steve's wedding.2023.5Lori and Steve's wedding.2023.7Lori and Steve's wedding.2023.1Sean and Francesca's wedding.2019.4Sean and Francesa's wedding.2019.1Gary and Patty's wedding.2014.1Gary and Patty's wedding.2014.3Gary and Patty's wedding.2014.2Sean & Francesca's wedding.2019.2Sean & Francesca's wedding.2019.3Sean & Francesca's wedding.2019.5Sean & Francesca's wedding.2019.6Sean & Francesca's wedding.2019.7